The Movie Prop Shark From Jaws

January 20, 2014

This photo-op is located outside of an ice cream shop in Berlin, Maryland. According to a sign posted next to it, this 31.5-foot-long Great White Shark is an original prop from the 1975 blockbuster movie “Jaws.” It was moved to this location in 2000 and invites visitors to take photos. Address: Stephen Decatur Highway, Berlin, […]

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Photographing Virginia City, Nevada

January 16, 2014

Virginia City, Nevada was built nearly overnight, following the Comstock Lode silver strike in 1859. The population exploded, and for a short time, Virginia City became the wealthiest place in the United States. Virginia City’s population peaked at over 15,000 people during its heyday, but after the Comstock Lode ran out in 1898, the population […]

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UNESCO: Works of Antoni Gaudi

December 28, 2013

Antoni Gaudí (25 June 1852 – 10 June 1926) was an architect from Reus, and the figurehead of Catalan Modernism. Gaudi is closely associated with the city of Barcelona, where most of his work is concentrated. Gaudí’s creative genius was inspired by nature and religion and was incorporated into every aspect of his work. He […]

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Barcelona, Spain from Parc Güell

December 23, 2013

Antoni Gaudi was commissioned by his main patron, Don Eusebi Güell, to design a residential English-style garden city on the outskirts of Barcelona. Gaudi worked on the project from 1900-1914, but it proved an economic disaster, and his vision was never realized. This eccentric park is now considered one of Barelona’s unique treasures and is […]

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Union Station: Denver, Colorado, USA

December 5, 2013

Description: Union Station is Denver, Colorado’s historic train station. The station first opened in 1881. Amtrak operates out of this station and it’s one of the city’s landmarks. Union Station is lit up for Christmas each year as part of Denver’s “Grand Illumination.” The lighting ceremony usually occurs the last weekend in November and the […]

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A Growing Market for Travel Stock

December 2, 2013

No matter where you travel, you see people taking pictures – thousands and thousands of pictures! With the advent of the digital camera, photography has become the most prolific form of communication. With a simple click of the button, you’re able to tell the story of a place that can be understood by people all […]

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Photographing Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

December 1, 2013

Park Overview: The Black Canyon of the Gunnison was elevated to national park status in 1999. It’s called the Black Canyon because it has high, narrow walls that only allow sunlight to reach the canyon floor for about an hour a day. As a result, the canyon is most often in shadows, causing the gray […]

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Quick Tip #2

November 30, 2013

Get up early! Early morning light is wonderful for photography, and while most people are still in bed, you’ll get shots of popular locations without the crowds!

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Quick Tip #1

November 23, 2013

Talk to locals! Local knowledge = better photographs! Locals can tell you best times to photograph + off the beaten path destinations.

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