Free eBooks

We’ve combed the web for some of the best free eBooks for travel photographers. The following titles offer a wealth of information, education, and inspiration:

Beginner’s Guide to Landscape Photography by George Bailey. Hints on choosing camera equipment, minimizing camera shake, landscape composition, lighting, filters, and camera settings for shooting great landscape photography. You’ll need to join an email list for this one.

Essential: Pro Secrets For Unleashing Your Creativity by Ian Plant. FREE ebook contains creative lessons that I consider to be essential to making great photographs. Inside, you will find photos from around the world illustrating lessons on the artistic use of light, composition, and the magic of the moment.

Iceland, Our Amazing Planet by Richard Bernabe. xplores the pure magic that is this small country in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Here are two dozen photographs of Iceland’s mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, wildlife, and beautiful light captured by renowned nature, wildlife, and travel photographer, Richard Bernabe. This virtual tour of Iceland will visually demonstrate why Iceland truly is one of our planet’s most amazing places.

Lighting 101 by David Hobby is essential reading. David Hobby (creator of the strobist blog) is one of the gurus of photographic lighting using small portable lights.

National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Photography A good, comprehensive overview of basic photography from the publishers of National Geographic Magazine.

Photographer’s E-Guide to Making Sharp Photographs by Scott Bourne. Scott gives you a guide to achieving maximum sharpness in your photographs, when you need it. He includes tips on gear, lighting, and technique.

Supercharge Your Photography Website by Photocrati. An eBook with tips from 10 photographers. Each photographer discusses one piece of the photography website puzzle. The topics include the functionality, design, social capability, portfolio, content, search engine optimization and others related to a photography website. You need to enter your email address for this one.

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